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Cooking school two kitchen for hand on cooking classes for a maximum of 50 people. a daily program of cooking classes In A punto we count on the experience of some of the most known chefs of Madrid for a typical Spanish cooking class. We can start with a market tour to discover all our products and then come back to A Punto to cook them all together. Bookshop More than 6000 titles in Spanish and English, at A Punto can be found theory and practice of the big cooks, the traditional and innovative use of any kind of ingredients and any kind of recipes. Tasting room A cosy space where we arrange any kind of tastes wine, beer, spices etc with the supervision of Ana Lorente for a maximum of 35 people. Gastronomic tours A Punto organizes tours every week all around the most important districts of Madrid and its neighborhoods with the idea to let visitors discover Madrid’ gastronomic offer.

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