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Alpine Adventure Romania is a team of mountain guides which offers adventure day or multi-day tours. We hike, we bike, we climb, we ski. No matter the season, no matter the terrain. And we guide in any mountain of Romania. So why choose us? Because we are not focused just on one region of Romania or just on one type of outdoor activity. We can do tours on any mountain in Romania and we can climb them in anyway you like: on foot, on skis, on a bike or by way of wall climbing. Because we think going outdoor is choosing to grow by personal experiences which are transformed in the beautiful memories of tomorrow. For us, a beautiful experience is built out of the enjoyment of the landscape and of the physical effort, from the cultural and the social interactions that such a tours allow. For we value your experience first. After all, we are a small business and we cannot grow without you. It is simple: a great experience for you is a great experience for us and our chances of staying on the market are higher. Because we are both outdoor professionals and passionates. Our team includes certified mountain guides and climbing instructors. We value professionalism on the mountain, sportive performances as well as any passion for outdoors and mountains. For we love climbing mountains in any possible way: by bike, on our feet, on skis, by rock climbing, backpacking and camping. Because we like to give and take expertise and experiences. Sharing and learning during a mountain tour is one of the things that makes them fascinating. This is pure socialization that makes all of us better and richer. For we are as flexible as possible in adapting our tours to what you consider as the best experience you want.

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