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ALTERNATIVE_ATHENS is about a different way of travelling and discovering the secrets of this fascinating, complex and diverse city, Athens. Whether taking one of our walking tours or participating in our workshops, our aim is to offer you a genuine Athenian experience: - discovering non-touristic neighborhoods, streets and locations, - visiting places where the Athenians eat, shop and have fun in their everyday life, - exploring new, uncharted locations that are just emerging. You will see Athens as we see it –through the eyes of a local. Everything we do is based on experiences, not just passive sightseeing and tourist stereotypes. We love meeting people, exchanging ideas, and –what travelling’s all about– sharing all we can about our city and our culture.

Alternative Athens offre tour e attività per le seguenti attrazioni:

Monastiraki, Piazza Kotzia, Università di Atene, L'Accademia di Atene, Ceramico, Acropoli di Atene, Partenone, Antica Agorà di Atene, Eretteo, Tempio di Zeus Olimpio, Tempio di Atena Nike, Tempio di Efesto, Teatro di Dioniso, Il Ceramico, Piazza Syntagma

Alternative Athens offre tour e attività nelle seguenti città:

Atene, Pireo

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