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Audio Guide GDANSK is the biggest Polish urban audio guide company – 40 recordings, over 20 sites, 4 languages. Why use it? The recordings are interesting and engaging, even for young people (listen to sample). Everyone can find something of interest to them. Your guide may even be King Neptune of the Sea, the great astronomer Jan Heweliusz or the Emperor Napoleon. As you will be visiting independently with the audio guide you can take the opportunity to do other things – even pop into a shop or café. There will be nobody trying to hurry you along – you can visit at your own pace and take your own route and only see what you feel like. You don’t have to go around with your nose in a book reading a printed guide – you just put the headphones on and take in the views of charming areas of Gdansk. Almost all of the places in the recording are within a maximum of 15-20 minutes’ walk , and you will be given a map along with the device. Audio Guide GDANSK won’t put a strain on your holiday budget – it only costs a fraction of the price of a visit with a normal guide or in a guided vehicle. A guide book is also usually much more expensive. You can also save between 2 and 5 zloty by buying online.

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