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Carpe Diem Dream Tours is a nature tourism company, certified by the Regional Government of the Azores through the Regional Directorate for Tourism and recognized by the Regional Directorate for the Environment. We operate on São Miguel Island and we are seriously engaged in ensuring our clients a privileged contact with nature and all the surroundings that our beautiful island offers. With approximately 747 Km2 the Island of São Miguel, also called the Green Island, is the largest of the nine islands that form the archipelago of the Azores. Full of natural beauty it is a prime example of the enchantment that the Azores has to offer. We develop hiking activities in interpretive trails, observation of local fauna and flora, jeep tours, in a sustainable way guaranteeing and promoting the conservation of ecosystems, biodiversity and natural resources and values of the classified areas. We are a dedicated and committed team and our goal is providing you moments that will last in your memory. Because for us a day is very precious.

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