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City Jogging Tours offers guided sightseeing jogging tours around London. With regular scheduled and customised jogging tours available, City Jogging Tours offers a unique sightseeing experience to runners of all abilities. Our guided running tours of London allow you to explore the city in a truly unique and healthy way, by jogging through the streets of the city with an experienced runner guide. Choose from our Royal London, Riverside London, or Iconic London scheduled group jogging tours, or else chosse the bespoke Customised Tour option. City Power Walking Tours and City Yoga, City Pilates and City Fitness sessions are also available. For original 'Sight-Running' in London, choose City Jogging Tours.

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Hyde Park, St. James's Park, Royal Albert Hall, Giardini di Kensington, St. James's Palace, Fontana Commemorativa di Lady Diana, Principessa del Galles, Old Kensington, Horse Guards Parade, Cambio della guardia, Fiume Tamigi, Torre di Londra, Big Ben, London Eye, The Shard, Globe Theatre, Palazzo di Westminster, Municipio (Londra), Torre di Londra, Buckingham Palace, Abbazia di Westminster, Trafalgar Square, Colonna di Nelson, Temple (Londra)

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