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OUR COMPANY 1995-2018 TAKING YOU TO THE DESTINATIONS OF YOUR DREAMS FOR 24 YEARS! It all started in the summer of 1995, when our company organised its first daily cruise from Kissamos-Chania to the legendary pirate island Imeri Gramvousa and the exotic Balos Lagoon. Thanks to our hard work, enthusiasm, sense of responsibility and respect towards our guests and the environment, this cruise became a great success and attracted more and more tourists every year. In order to be able to serve our guests, we gradually obtained more ships and within 10 years (2005), we established a Maritime Companies Consortium, GRAMVOUSA BALOS CRUISES. The Consortium developed two more cruises, the Daily Pirate Cruise and the exciting Evening Cruise in the Souda Bay of Chania. Eventually, two more cruises, in Lasithi-East Crete, were added to our list: one from Ierapetra to the enchanting island of Chrissi, and another from Makris Gialos - Ierapetra to the exotic island of Koufonisi. Thanks to the development of our activities, our consortium was renamed CRETAN DAILY CRUISES, with registered office in Kissamos, Chania, where we also established another consortium under the name CHRISSI DAILY CRUISES, to cover our activities in the Prefecture of Lasithi-Crete. The founders of our Consortium, all experienced in the maritime and tourism industries, always had one goal: to offer daily cruises that spark your interest, combine safety with entertainment and allow you to relax and discover unique places of exotic beauty. Gramvousa, Balos, Chrissi island and Koufonisi island are extremely beautiful nature reserves, included in the European network NATURA 2000. More than two decades after our first journey and having hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, we have gained prominence in the daily cruise sector. Our Consortiums now consist of 9 maritime companies and own 11 tourist ships (200-1200 passengers). We offer dozens of jobs, reinforce the local economy, contribute with social sensitivity to the protection of the environment, sponsor various cultural, social and sports events, participate in the conservation of our cultural heritage and assist the touristic promotion of Greece. Our ships comply fully with existing national and European legislation regarding the protection of the marine environment and apply all necessary safety measures. With large, comfortable ships at our disposal that combine welcoming crews, delicious cuisine, play areas and entertainment activities for children, we continue to do what we do best: to ensure quality and safety on-board and offer fantastic, unforgettable trips to small paradises on earth!

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