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Discover Lithuania Ltd. is tour operator, which provides incoming tourism services. We provide a great selection of the services to every Lithuanian guest! It includes: Consultation of travelling in Lithuania Tour planning and organizing (from door to door) Accommodation and catering (reference and reservation) Transportation service (across Lithuania and more) Accomplishment of travel purposes (sightseeing, business, entertainment, medical, rest, festive, recovery, ecological) Leisure management (regular, private, personal sightseeing and recreational tours, educational excursions, active and passive free time spending) Private guide services (fully personalised, driver guide, personal assistant) Other help (event management, relatives search) Our main purpose is to make the Lithuanian name known around the world and show our country as one of the most attractive travel destinations. Seeking this goal, Discover Lithuania not even fulfils, but also tries to exceed every guest’s expectations, that everyone will have exclusive, comfortable and memorable vacation. Our professional, friendly stuff focuses on the highest standards, work with inspiration, responsibility, flexibility, frankness and honesty. We improve our skills regularly, so every time to our clients we try to transmit more choice, more knowledge and more value. That is why travellers groups and individuals, corporate customers, coach companies, tour agencies and operators believe in and trust on us. We are serious about what we are doing and do it with a piece of heart!

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Cattedrale di Vilnius

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Vilnius, Kaunas

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