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Where fun meets friendly competition, skill comes secondary to a good time and golf takes on a new form. Drive Shack is the ultimate entertainment experience with all the elements needed for a great time. Starting in the ‘60’s, American Golf set the foundation for what is known today as Drive Shack Inc. At the turn of the millennium, the Drive Shack concept was born, and four venues now set the stage on what a true, golf entertainment experience can be. The company’s newest innovation, Puttery, is a place for all to ball out. Drive Shack offers a fresh alternative to the day and nightlife scenes with more than just a place to go, but a place to be yourself and enjoy yourself. We pride ourselves on creating an experience our guests can enjoy from the moment they enter to the time they leave. With three levels of cutting-edge interactive fun, premier golf technology and a chef-inspired menu, Drive Shack is your one-stop destination to play, party, chill, and celebrate! Drive Shack currently operates four venues in: Orlando, Raleigh, Richmond, and West Palm Beach. Our newest concept, Puttery, recently opened in Dallas and Charlotte, with locations in Chicago, Houston, Miami, New York, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Washington DC coming on 2022!

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