A new concept of sightseeing has born! Now you can visit the city at the wheel of a Twizy, with multi-language reviews that tell you the story and curiosities of the city of Porto! Try one of our tours in a talking car! We show you the city of Porto outside the major tourist circuits, from the river banks to the mysterious narrow streets of Porto. Available in 4 languages and 3 tours options!! Tighten your safety belts but let your senses run free…This trip is going to be unforgettable!

EFUNGPSTOURS - PORTO TWIZY TOURS offre tour e attività per le seguenti attrazioni:

Douro, Libreria Lello, Torre dei Chierici, Cattedrale di Porto, Stazione di São Bento, Casa da Musica

EFUNGPSTOURS - PORTO TWIZY TOURS offre tour e attività nelle seguenti città:

Porto, Guimarães

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