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Salvador Dalí, the master of surrealism in Paris! Espace Dalí, located in the heart of the famous artists’ village, Montmartre, exhibits the largest collection of artworks by Salvador Dalí in France. Dalí as you have never seen before! The collection is the fruit of the emblematic surrealist artist’s extravagant inspiration: theatrical sculptures, erotic, dreamlike or irresistibly humorous engravings, poetic objects and furniture, are all part of the phantasmagorical universe of the inventor of soft watches. The multiple facets of the Catalan Master 3D Surrealism Thanks to Dalí, everything can be transformed by the magic of dreams: the Space Elephant with spindly legs seems to defy gravity, a watch melts from a branch, a snail spreads its wings and Venus has drawers. Stories and wonders Dalí had an encyclopedic culture and was fascinated by major themes from literature, mythology and religion. He used many different techniques to illustrate universal texts: Alice in Wonderland, Romeo and Juliet, Don Quixote, The Bible… as well as more personal works, such as Moses and Monotheism or The Alchemy of the Philosophers. Each book is an art object. Sculptures, drawings, water colors, engravings, lithographs, Espace Dalí invites us to explore the main themes of his work: dreams, mythology, sensuality…

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