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Why choose Evan Evans Tours? With over 70 years of experience, we believe Evan Evans Tours offers you the best that Britain can offer. Our Coach operator was voted "The UK's best coach operator for 2003." The coaches used are top of the range and of course are comfortable and air-conditioned. Evan Evans Tours is the only sightseeing company to have been commended for our Discovering London tour by the London Tourist Board. Need to be picked up from your hotel? No problem. Evan Evans has a courtesy pick up service covering over 50 centrally located hotels. Once booked and confirmed just stand by the concierges desk, and we will do the rest. We understand that your vacation is important and time is of the essence. However, whilst some operators will try and entice you with an overloaded itinerary, at Evan Evans we strive to ensure that you spend enough time in each location to appreciate and remember the experience. SUSTAINABLE TOURISM At Evan Evans Tours we are committed to doing our part for the environment and hope you'll join us in supporting sustainable tourism. By establishing The Leading Travel Companies of the World Conservation Foundation, minimising the impact of our business on the environment and working with our guests to do even more, we hope to make a real difference and preserve the natural world for future generations.

Evan Evans Tours offre tour e attività per le seguenti attrazioni:

Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Abbazia di Westminster, Kensington Palace, St. James's Park, Royal Albert Hall, Trafalgar Square, Palazzo di Westminster, Albert Memorial, Old Kensington, Cambio della guardia, East End di Londra, Old Bailey, Fleet Street, Fiume Tamigi, Torre di Londra, Cattedrale di St.Paul, Jewel Tower, Torre di Londra, Warner Bros. Studios di Londra, Stonehenge, Stazione di London Victoria, Museum of London, Chiesa del Tempio, The Beatles Story, Greenwich, Osservatorio Reale di Greenwich, Castello di Leeds, Cutty Sark, Piccadilly Circus, 10 Downing Street, Houses of Parliament, Oxford Street, West End, Banqueting House, Castello di Edimburgo, Holyrood Palace, Stazione di King's Cross, Edificio del Parlamento Scozzese, Old Town di Edimburgo, Princes Street, Scott Monument, Castello di Windsor, Castello di Warwick, London Eye, Regent Street, Palazzo Hampton Court, St. James's Palace, The Approach Gallery, Christ Church (Londra), Cattedrale di Westminster, Colonna di Nelson

Evan Evans Tours offre tour e attività nelle seguenti città:

Londra, Bath, Liverpool, Canterbury, Edimburgo, Windsor, Stratford-upon-Avon

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