Experience Volendam

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Experience Volendam: a unique experience! Thinking of Volendam one thing comes to mind. Typical Dutch clothing and eel (snakes from the sea). But there is more than this! The best know village of Holland has now a 'state of the art' attraction for every age. Whit the newest technology you will go back in time to 1916. The time when Volendam still was a small fishing village. The experience starts off with an explanation of how people lived in those days. You’re charming guide, dressed in Volendam consume, will tell you everything about houses, the sleeping place, and of course the Volendam costume. Then you go downstairs, and you end up in an authentic 100-year-old street. You will see an animation of how Volendam became so famous. At the end of this animation you will be asked to join us on a sailing trip on the sea. Have a seat in our ship, and put on your Virtual Reality-glasses. You have ended up in the Volendam of 100 years ago, Look 3600 around you, and you imagine that you’re actually there. You are in middle of the story of the fishing-man that ends up in a storm, and realises that he has to rescue his loved-one from the rising water. A “must-see “when you’re visiting Volendam.

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