Informazioni sul fornitore dell'attività

The Florence & Global ' mission is to support a new kind of tourism that can effectively maximize all the benefits of tourism while minimizing its negative impact. Underling our mission and our modus operandi are three fundamental concepts: appreciation, respect, and preservation. We want to provide our visitors with a greater appreciation. All of our Florentine Specialists guides are local experts who are passionate about their hometown and its heritage and enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge with others. We all have a tremendous respect for the sites visited, with a deep awareness of their importance in world culture. Our goal is to share all this but at the same time focus on preserving this incredible patrimony for future generations. We do our part in a small way, with a step in the right direction. This is why we have decided to keep our group sizes small. With just 10 to 11 people per group, our guides can provide personalized tours, leaving you with a better understanding. In a small group you will learn more and get the most out of your experience. Our small groups also respect the sites visited by keeping numbers down in overcrowded galleries and sites. And lastly, we want to actively contribute to the preservation of the art and sites in a real way. And we include you in our mission. A part of the proceeds from your payment of our services will be donated to organizations that are dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the works of art and sites visited on our tours.

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