I Like eBike & I Like Veggie Budapest

We are an electric bike tour and Veggie foodie tour company operating in Budapest. With the help of the electric bikes, we can show you the whole city without even breaking a sweat! Introducing the real face of Budapest and the historical side with interesting facts, which we like to call the two faces of Budapest. With local guides and going up on the hills with the help of the engines brings the bicycles on a whole new level, while keeping the feeling of freedom. We also would like to help you finding the best Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants in Budapest, where you can try the culinary Hungarian dishes which are not just delicious but healthy as well. Join to our wlaking tours where thanks to the local guides you can meet the history of Budapest and fill your stomach with all the great veggies what Earth can give.

I Like eBike & I Like Veggie Budapest offre tour e attività per le seguenti attrazioni:

Castello di Buda, Váci utca, Quartiere ebraico di Budapest, Sinagoga grande di Budapest, Palazzo del Parlamento ungherese, Museo Casa del Terrore, Promenade del Danubio, Sala Concerti Vigadó, Piazza degli Eroi, Cittadella, Bastione dei Pescatori, Collina del Castello (Várhegy)

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