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Íshestar has been a leading tour operator since 1982 and has always given absolute priority to quality service and safety. Íshestar place great emphasis on sustainable tourism offering quality tours in the unspoiled nature of our country. The programme of Íshestar has something for every taste. The multi-day tours require good riding skills and knowledge of horses, while the day tours with departure from our Riding Centre, are well suited for people with little or none riding experience. Thus everyone has an opportunity to experience the nature of Iceland in an exquisite company of men and horses. Our riding tours are divided in three categories; daytours, countryside tours and highland tours. You will find descriptions of each tour and information about the duration, departures, prices and required riding skills. Although horse riding tours have been our main focus we are very pleased to offer a variety of different travel service for groups and individuals. From the very start of Íshestar we have placed great emphasis on quality, personal service and the safety of our guests on all our tours. The great number of returning visitors tell us that we are heading in the right direction. Nevertheless we must continually strive to enhance the quality and with our Green Globe 21-certificate we continue to stress even further handling our country's nature in a responsible manner. We wish you welcome and we look forward to give you an opportunity to enjoy the Icelandic horse in its natural surroundings – the unspoiled nature of Iceland.

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