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A newborn baby in the tour operator family for a tour-experience straight at producers’. Piedmont is well known as a land of great wines and Sabaudian elegance, where small businesses relying on tradition, cooperation and quality have largely overcome the boundaries of the mere food and wine production to become a broader tourist phenomenon. And JOIN tour operator is your link to this new reality! JOIN is a S.T.I. srls (Soluzioni Turistiche Integrate) brand, a company active in the tourist field exploiting the strength of their youth and innovative resources. To date, the projects linked to tablet rental and augmented reality have all been successful. However, since 2013, S.T.I. has been constantly engaged in the, research, development and experimentation of new solutions aimed at enhancing the development of the tourist packages.

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Museo Egizio di Torino, Palazzo Reale di Torino

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