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"Karaka" - a five star ship offers high quality services to its guests, especially the excellent gastronomy and the possibility of pleasant and relaxing vacation visiting attractive Dubrovnik waters, including Elafiti Islands. It is certainly one of the most interesting parts of Dubrovnik tourism offer and one of the best ways to visit the Croatian coast and the city of Dubrovnik.

Karaka Dubrovnik offre tour e attività per le seguenti attrazioni:

Lacroma, Arboreto di Trsteno, Forte S. Lorenzo (Lovrijenac), Città vecchia di Dubrovnik, Fortezza di Minceta, Isola di Giuppana (Sipán), Isola di Calamotta (Koločep), Isola di Lopud, Isole Elafiti, Mura di Dubrovnik

Karaka Dubrovnik offre tour e attività nelle seguenti città:


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