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KSTR Wildlife Rescue is the only official Rescue Center and Sanctuary in the area of Manuel Antonio, our mission is to rescue every animal in need and give them a second chance. Started in 1999 by two nine year old’s who wanted to save the rainforest, our organization quickly became a wildlife hospital that treats hundreds of wild animals every year. But we are much more than a wildlife hospital, we realized quickly that we also needed to create a Sanctuary, for all those animals that for different reasons couldn’t be released into the wild. At the moment this Sanctuary is home for over thirty animals and our doors are always open to receive new animals in need. That not being enough, we decided that we also wanted to make sure that monkeys and other wildlife would cross safely the roads without touching the electric wires, one of the main causes of animals arriving to our clinic, and that’s why we started the blue ropes program. A simple but very effective measure that consists on putting ropes crossing the roads all the way from Quepos to Manuel Antonio to provide a safe way for these animals to cross without getting electrocuted on the power lines. All the benefits from our activities go towards protecting Costa Rican wildlife.

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