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The Meridian4People Tours effects of tourist entertainment services, everywhere in Portugal but with greater incidence in the north. We have the tours in tourism car 5 or 7/9 places, as well as cruises and private charters on the River Douro. In addition we also have the rides in aircraft where you can see the sky the fantastic city of Porto. The main point in Meridian4People is also Transfers. We have a service 24h, any place of Oporto.

Meridian4People Tours Portugal offre tour e attività per le seguenti attrazioni:

Cattedrale di Porto, Santuario di Sameiro, Douro, Casa da Musica, Torre dei Chierici, Aveiro, Rua Santa Catarina

Meridian4People Tours Portugal offre tour e attività nelle seguenti città:

Porto, Guimarães, Aveiro, Santiago de Compostela, Fatima, Coimbra, Matosinhos, Lisbona

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