Original Music Theatre Prague

Wonderful Dvořák Beautiful Dvořák's arias and melodies - leading opera soloists, violin virtuosos, period costumes. Original Music Theatre Prague offers for 25 years an untraditional performances with classical music. Wonderful Dvořák: In splendid baroque interior of A. Dvořák Museum (arch. K. I. Diezenhofer) You can visit the exposition, enjoy a glass of Becherovka. Than You´ll be invited to the historcal salon of 19th century, where You´ll meet the outstanding opera soloists as well a violin virtuosos. The period costums and immediate contact with the spectators emphasises suggestive feeling of all performance. www.musictheatre.cz ohdp@volny.cz +420 603 822 285

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Palazzo d'Estate di Hvezda, Museo Antonín Dvořák

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