Panorama Garden Estate

Panorama Wildlife Sanctuary and Secret Gardens is a privately owned 55 acre garden and wildlife reserve. The property includes over 25 acres of gardens with panoramic views for over 100 kilometres looking out across both, Bass Strait and Port Phillip Bay. Over 20,000 plants have been introduced as well as over 8,000 tonnes of rock with 18 separate garden areas including lakes, streams and waterfalls, it is an oasis of tranquility with native and botanical collections. In addition, there are many animals including some rare albino kangaroos, wallabies, alpacas, miniature goats, cows and sheep as well as many native and pet birds such as peacocks, emus, geese and parrots. The gardens have taken over 18 years to complete and offer a diverse range of landscapes including the 4 acre Crater garden where over 3,000 tonnes of rock have been used to build the expansive surrounding walls. Panorama Wildlife Sanctuary and Secret Gardens offers you a unique and unforgettable garden and wildlife experience that you will have never seen before.

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Queen Victoria Gardens, Peninsula Hot Springs

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