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organic wines of magnificent Provence. Over the past 20 years I've had three restaurants, the last of which was an organic wine bar and restaurant. To find the best organic wines I had to set out and explore the region for lesser-known vinyards and wine makers. I try to make it to as many organic wine trade fairs as possible. Still looking for treasures ! I want to share my discoveries with other wine lovers. At the same time during my research on the vinyards, I discovered another thing so precious : the cultural heritage as the ancient arts, inventions, buildings, customs, rituals, lifestyles, historic events: during the Gallic, Greek, Roman, medieval, Gothic, Renaissance and contemporary Periods. All these things explain the evolution of our civilization, here in Provence, I propose to take you for a day to discover " my neighborhood ". There is no fixed tours : " tell me what you desire for the day and we will create a custom tour just for you". Wishing you a wonderful time in Provence ! Best regards, Laurent

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