Red light district crime report 15 recensioni

Being a Dutch crime reporter (English/German speaking), I will give you the insights of the infamous red light district: the backgrounds of the coffeeshop system and legalisation of prostitution, but also how it is connected to organized crime in Amsterdam. Is smoking a joint really legal in Holland? (you can smell the weed). Why do sex workers pay taxes in the Netherlands? Our 'trip' will start of in front of the NH Hotel Barbizon Palace (opposite to Central Station, see map), and will take us deep into the socalled 'Wallen'-area, which is also the oldest and most beautiful part of the city. You will see the friendly freaks, the prostitutes behind their windows - in the small ally's - and cannabis plants being grown. I will take you to the most criminal street of Amsterdam. You will get to know more on the most legendary crimes in the area. I will tell you about the legendary Heineken-kidnap, and how it is connected to this neighbourhood.

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