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Alfredo alla Scrofa - The good taste of the past In the heart of Rome the Restaurant Alfredo alla Scrofa welcomes you in its rooms, rich in history and tradition, among softly music able to evoke images of long times ago. In a warm atmosphere and deep suggestions, with the charm of our Restaurant, the guest lives a trip back in the time to discover the true taste of Italy, with certainty to rediscover and taste the old tradition, result of continuous research on cooking and of a passionate investigation about wine culture. Fettuccine Alfredo In the Restaurant Alfredo alla Scrofa, in 1907 the original fettuccine Alfredo were invented just as a gesture of love, and they became soon famous all over the world for their uniqueness. Fettuccine Alfredo, today renowned worldwide as a masterpiece of international cuisine, were invented by Alfredo just to satisfy the desire of his wife, pregnant and craving a food that gave energy, taste and gently warm of love to her and her baby. From Alfredo's fantastic culinary intuition, born the original fettuccine Alfredo, that for over a century, made the Alfredo alla Scrofa an incomparable scenery of a many of the most important and romantic love stories, such as those between Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks (which give the historic gold tableware to Alfredo, a symbol of the Restaurant), and Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller, and a familiar place for the most important celebrities of the international cinema, literature, politic and sport who have honoured it with their presence, and made it known in the world. The History In Rome at the beginning of the year "900", Alfredo opened the doors of its inn at via della Scrofa 104, beginning a long history of more than one hundred years. In 1907 in a historical and traditional inn in the heart of Rome, from the Alfredo's passions, cooking and theatre, from his ability to prepare simple meals and special tastes, and from the spectacular scene in serving it, with his thick and unmistakable moustache, born the myth of inimitable fettuccine Alfredo. Quickly majestic and original fettuccine Alfredo crossed the borders of Rome, to achieve international notoriety and to become one of the masterpieces of world cuisine. To make immortal the tastes of fettuccine Alfredo, were also the stories by Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks, two film stars of Hollywood, who tasted this plate, and the famous Alfredo's cuisine, in the restaurant on via della Scrofa during their honeymoon. From Rome to Hollywood The echo of this event increased the fame of Alfredo alla Scrofa, and of its fettuccine, on the entire Hollywood, and the Restaurant quickly became, and remains today, destination for famous people of the international cinema, literature, politic and sport. The charm of the dinning Rooms and the Gazebo, has created a wonderful atmosphere through one hundred years of history and the unrepeatable season of Dolce Vita, with journalist outside the Restaurant to assist a real show of celebrities, and all newspapers to glorify the excellence of Alfredo's cuisine and fettuccine.

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