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A world first, Shrek’s Adventure! London is the first attraction to be created with DreamWorks. With fun and adventure and immersion at its heart, Shrek’s Adventure! London is the first in a series of brand new, Global DreamWork’s Tours. Step into and star in your very own hilarious misadventure to the kingdom of Far Far Away, where you play your part and help Shrek and his DreamWork’s pals save the day. The madcap adventure, lasting approximately an hour, features a sensational 4D magical flying bus driven by the mischievous Donkey. The stunning animation presents, for the first time ever, multiple DreamWorks characters in one place together. Nowhere else will you feel like you’re actually flying through the skies with Kung Fu Panda’s Po, How to Train Your Dragon’s Hiccup & Toothless and the infamous Madagascar Penguins! Explore 10 fairy-tale themed shows as the fantasy worlds of the much-loved Shrek films come to life like never before in this brand new adventure. Meet and interact with Shrek and his friends with captivating storytelling from Dreamworks and hilarious live actors. Shrek’s Adventure! London opened in July 2015.

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