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SLIDE & SPLASH, FOR CHILDREN OF ALL AGES The water park Slide & Splash, in Lagoa, offers its visitors real moments of fun with family or friends. The goal is to please everyone, from the Tropical Paradise that offers a whole world of water and fantasy to the younger ones, to the Big Wave that defies zero gravity in its clover leaf floater, and also the Jacuzzi or Laguna - the giant pool - to give a break or for those who do not slide. Besides having the aquatic amusements, the seven hectares of the park are occupied by various leisure areas such as lawns, restaurants, shows with animals, massages and fish spa. More colourful and with light effects, Slide & Splash presented in 2018 new slides, with a special highlight to a new dimension unique in Portugal, the MUSIC! Disco River is a real sliding discotheque. In 2019 Slide & Splash will continue improving the quality of the attractions to keep up with with the positive feedback of the customers. For that, 8 of the attractions are being remodelled with new materials and performances.

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