Social Bike

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Social Bike is a young start-up born in Palermo with the intent to promote sustainable mobility in synergy with the rediscovery of the artistic and cultural heritage of our city. We want to create a community of people who know how to experience one of Europe’s largest historical centers in a healthy and dynamic way and in full respect of the environment. With our bikes you will nimbly move around between sounds, smells and colors of ancient streets and squares, among our many treasures. With our sustainable mobility solutions for the transport of people and things, we offer to citizens and tourists an image of the city that we love: space and public art, social innovation, vision. Tourism, work, shopping surrounded by the many beauties of the UNESCO heritage, everything will be made easy and smart with our solutions to experience Palermo “on two wheels” ! Join us and experience Palermo “on two wheels” ! Social Bike powered by Lab130 srls

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