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As a local company that has a true love and passion for Vietnam, we aim to provide tourists and new arrivals with the best private customized tours in the entire country. And by the word “best,” we mean that from the time you contact us to the time you do the tour and even when you come back home, you will always smile and feel the most comfortable with us. Therefore, our slogan is: “Come as a valued guest, leave as a lifetime friend.” Tiger Tours will be known, respected and sought out for the best private tours in HCMC and all of Vietnam. Our success will allow us to help, and give back to, our community. We will accomplish this with a strong and enthusiastic work ethic, world-class customer service, quality, value and integrity at all times. Most important of all, Tiger Tours wants you, the customer, to have the best experience while traveling through Vietnam. Our "New Friend" policy supports you while in Vietnam. We not only take you there, we show you how to get back.

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