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In Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Russia are still a lot of untapped tourist areas such as medical tourism, visits to military facilities, and so on. We want to become more exclusive and avoid to offer the same trips and services which not that popular and well known, but we are seeking to find new niches new type of excursions. Tours in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Russia slowly getting with new colors and TravelinBaltics is happy to be a part of this process. It is highly important to have professional guides for a sightseeing tour. Therefore, we select only experienced and reliable guides that are working in Baltic countries, who knows how to make their tours interesting for tourists. This is one of our main goals. TravelinBaltics - it’s your best travel guide in Baltic Countries! Travel in Baltics - Nr. 1 Tour Operator in the Baltic States. Explore the Baltics holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. 100% Baltic Tours. WEB: E-mail:

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