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Explore our site to discover beauties and secrets of Turkey. Explore Turkey covers all the important and famous historical and tourist sites and regions in detail in Turkey with the help of our sponsors. Explore Turkey site is dedicated to supply most in-depth and broad information on Turkey on the Internet. Explore Turkey tours, Istanbul tours, Cappadocia tours, Ephesus tours, Pamukkale tours, Troy and Gallipoli tours. Enjoy your virtual visit to Turkey!

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Palazzo Dolmabahce, Rumelihisarı, Mura di Costantinopoli, Funivia di Istanbul, Stretto del Bosforo, Corno d'Oro, Hagia Sophia, Moschea del Sultano Ahmed, Palazzo Topkapi, Grand Bazaar, Ippodromo, Istanbul, Colonna serpentina, Obelisco di Teodosio

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