We fly one of the most exciting ultralight aircraft produced today,these are open air flights over Hoover Dam,Lake Mead,Colorado River soar right down to the water or over the mountains and see wild horses,big horn sheep,hot springs from just a few hundred feet above the ground. We also offer complete ultralight flight training with an onsite FAA examiner and Certified Sport Pilot Flight Instructor. Call today and book your flight. Las Vegas's most exciting and economical Sight Seeing Flights. All flights are Weather Permitting !! 7 Days a Week 30 Min Flight: $109.95 Lake Mead and Hoover Dam includes lower Colorado River fly over 1 Hour Flight option: $219.90 Mojave Lake Via lower Colorado River Temple Bar Colorado River recreation area Nelson NV. Eldorado Mines, Colorado River Searchlight,NV

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Lake Mead, La Diga di Hoover, Fiume Colorado

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Las Vegas

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