VietnamCheapPackages is a mixture of youth and senior, speed and stamina, ethusiasm and experience, blending a refine cup of Vietnamese Robusta coffee with sometimes a quick Starbuck. We’re a newly established team but from 3 – 12 years traveling around Indochina and South East Asia, and have a common inspiration in finding out the smart way to travel with the lowest budget. Before joining VietnamCheapPackages, each member also hold an important position in most fields relating to the hospitality industry (tour guide, tour operator, hotel sales manager, product manager). Because once to be “an insider” of each field, we’re confident in showing you the best way to experience the travel services in a given destination, and in the possibility to coordinate the different travel services into 1 proper package.

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Lago Ovest, Pagoda di Tran Quoc, Quartiere antico di Hanoi, Hoan Kiem, Mausoleo di Ho Chi Minh, One Pillar Pagoda, Museo Etnografico del Vietnam, Tempio della Letteratura, Tempio di Ngoc Son, Museo di Hanoi, Casa antica di Hanoi

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