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We organise and lead the most impressive series of walking tours in Istanbul with scholarly local guides. All our walks are personal, small and authentic. We are the leaders of life enriching and truly exceptional walking tours in Istanbul. You can choose to go private and then there’s never a set itinerary until we tailor it together according to your preferences. It’s all private and yours. You can choose to share your experience with a small group of max 8 people. This is the smallest in the industry; a good number where everyone still can get individual attention.

walks in istanbul offre tour e attività per le seguenti attrazioni:

Basilica di Santa Sofia, Moschea Blu, Palazzo Topkapi, Grand Bazaar, Ippodromo di Costantinopoli, Piazza Sultanahmet, Palazzo Topkapı, Quartiere di Sultanahmet, Stretto del Bosforo, Palazzo Beylerbeyi

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